Yorm Bopha Leads Second Consecutive March

Earlier today, January 21st 2015, urban poor community members gathered in front of the US embassy for the second consecutive day. Unlike yesterday, only 15 people joined the demonstration led by Yorm Bopha—possibly out of fear of a reaction from the police.

At 9am, they started marching towards Freedom Park and—just like yesterday—they were blocked by riot police. The authorities quickly surrounded the small group of protesters. With nowhere to go, they decided to sit down right in the middle of St. Oknha Hing Penh near Freedom Park.

Around 11:30am, Bopha then led the marchers to Yey Penh Park where they sang national songs. Afterwards, the protesters started handing out bows made from yellow ribbons on the street in front of the park. Within a few minutes, authorities arrived on the scene to stop them. They threatened to arrest anyone seen distributing the bows. Despite these restrictions, the demonstrators stayed in the park throughout the afternoon.

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