Marchers Deliver Invitations to Embassies for Activists’ Trial


On the morning of the 15th of January, approximately 250 people including monks, CSOs, and urban poor community members from Borei Keila, Kol Sengkae, Railway AB, Samaki, and others gathered in front of the French Embassy to deliver invitations to embassy staff to attend the trial of the imprisoned female activists on the 22nd of January. The march continued on to other embassies throughout the day including the French, British, Korean, and German embassy, and to the UN OHCHR headquarters, where they delivered similar invitations. The demonstrators also marched to the EU building where they were blocked by police with security shields on St. 254 near Anuwath High School. However, representatives from the march were eventually allowed to deliver the invitations to EU staff.


Police blockade near the EU headquarters.



Monks practicing Active Non Violence in reaction to police blockades.



Women land activists out to support their friends and family members in jail.



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