Hundreds gather outside CC1 and CC2 to support detained activists

On Sunday morning, 28th December 2014, over 300 people gathered outside Prey Sar’s Correctional Centre 2 (CC2) to support the 18 land rights activists who are currently incarcerated. Monks led the gathering, composed of community members, supporters, relatives and children of the 18 activists. NGOs were also onsite to join the demonstration. The group demanded the release of the land activists and requested the end of the hunger strike of 8 female activists detained in CC2 that started on the 10th of December. Before moving on to Correctional Centre 1 (CC1), monks led prayers and a silent meditation.

The group then marched to CC1 that houses the male activists, while chanting and demanding for the release of the land rights activists. Outside CC1, monks again gave speeches and demanded justice for the 18. Community and family members also spoke, challenging the government in its failure to preserve the human rights of its citizens, as well as speaking about the injustice perpetrated by Cambodia’s judiciary system.

The demonstration closed at approximately 11am while maintaining its peaceful nature throughout the morning. The gathering was observed by a small number of CC1 and CC2’s officials.

IMG_8082 IMG_8097 IMG_8116 IMG_8069 IMG_8072


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