Police Show of Force In Front of National Assembly


This morning’s rally saw approximately 250 land activists (from Boeung Kak Lake, Lor Peang, Preh Vihear and Borei Keila), monks and civil society groups gather in front of the Buddhist Institute to call for the release of the 19 detained activists, some of which have now been in Prey Sar for 18 days. The group aimed to march to the National Assembly to deliver a petition following up on the petition delivered on the 14th November, calling for intervention from the Parliament in the release of the detainees.

In a petty action from security force and local authorities, a monitoring volunteer from local NGO Sahmakum Teang Tnaut and a tuktuk driver were briefly arrested, and one loud speaker was confiscated.

The road in front of the National Assembly was blockaded, and over 100 riot police were mobilized to keep order (and threatened violence) in view of the Prime Minister being in attendance at the National Assembly. The group was not able to deliver the petition, as the security forces threatened to use violence and dispersed the gathering. Around 100 protestors continued the action and marched to the Ministry of Justice to deliver this petition.


Marching to the Ministry of Justice



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