Yorm Bopha’s Final Hearing to take place tomorrow, 22 Nov 2013

Tomorrow, on the 444th day of her imprisonment, the Supreme Court will hear Yorm Bopha’s final appeal. She was arrested in September 2012 on trumped up charges motivated to silence her as a land rights activist. Her last appeal this June, while reducing her sentence by one year, affirmed her guilty verdict.

Earlier this week on November 19th, around 200 community activists from Boeng Kak Lake, Borei Keila and Thmor Kol rallied at the Supreme Court to demand her release ahead of the Supreme Court hearing. With lotus flowers, banners and incense in hand they marched three times around the Supreme Court then sat down together to pray. The community also spent time speaking to the media, expressing the need for justice for Yorm Bopha. While about 30 undercover police and several military police were present, the rally remained peaceful.

To see Amnesty International’s Global Call to Release Yorm Bopha and take action by signing a petition or uploading a photo to their flicker site go to







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