Rev. James Lawson and participants at FSI2013 call for Bopha to be freed

Rev. James Lawson with Benny/West Papua

Rev. James Lawson with Benny/West Papua

Participants at the Flecther Summer Institute for the Advanced Study of Non-Violent Conflict convening this week in Boston, USA have joined the call to free Bopha. Led by Reverend James Lawson, a key actor in the American Civil Rights Movement, participants were photographed with a sign calling for Bopha to be freed.

Among those participating in the action were the 2103 recipients of the the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Conflict:

Evgenia Chirikova

Evgenia Chirikova

Evgenia Chirikova, a Russian activist who co-founded Defend Khimki Forest, which has fought a long and so far successful campaign in the last ten years to prevent the destruction of an ancient-growth forest near Moscow;

Mkhuseli (Khusta) Jack

Mkhuseli (Khusta) Jack

Mkhuseli (“Khusta”) Jack, the South African leader of a consumer boycott campaign and a relentless organizer during the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa in the 1980s;

Oscar Olivera

Oscar Olivera

Oscar Olivera, one of the key leaders of the campaign in Cochabamba, Bolivia in the 1990′s that prevented the privatization of water resources and helped spark broad popular participation in Bolivia’s democratic transition in the ensuing years;

Jenni Williams with Shingi/Zimbabwe

Jenni Williams with Shingi/Zimbabwe

Jenni Williams, the co-founder of Women of Zimbabwe Arise, who braved 52 arrests and jailings due to ongoing protests for genuine political rights for all of the people of her country.

Several of the participants and speakers, many of them involved in civil resistance in their own countries, also joined in.

















Amara from Boston

Amara from Boston


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