Appeal Court Upholds Bopha’s Sentence, Suspends One Year


The hearing for land rights activist and Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Yorm Bopha continued at the Appeal Court on Jun. 14. Hoping for Bopha to be released, over 100 community members from Boeung Kak and other communities gathered outside the court, holding banners with pictures of Bopha and wearing red headbands calling for her release. Their hopes were however dashed when the Appeal Court upheld Bopha’s three-year sentence, but suspended one year. The verdict means Bopha will still have to serve another year and three months, for a total of two years in jail. As Bopha was lead crying from the court room, the crowd outside reacted with outrage and continued protesting into the night. Erika Pineros took some excellent photos on the day, you can access them here. Video of the protest can be accessed on Sahmakum Teang Tnaut’s Facebook page.




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