Stop the Violence!


Community members from Boeung Kak, Borei Keila, and Thmor Kol communities gathered outside the Ministry of Justice today to call for an end to police violence against peaceful protesters. The group delivered a complaint to the Ministry, highlighting the actions of Mr. Sok Sambath, Sangkat Chief of Daun Penh; Mr. Sok Pengvuth, Deputy Sangkat Chief of DP; and Mr. Chiem Rath, Order Police Chief of DP, who commanded police, military police and security forces to use violence against community members in peaceful protest last week. Several people were injured then; one woman broke her arm. The activists also called for the release of Yorm Bopha, who today has spent 195 days behind bars.

The group was met by some 30 police, as well as around 60 moto dub and tuk tuk drivers from Cambodia Confederation Development Association (CCDA). CCDA regularly turns up at Boeung Kak protests to demonstrate against the community, and is widely assumed to be government-organised/funded.

There was a stand-off between the two groups during the demonstration, but no violence was reported.

Photos courtesy of Sahmakum Teang Tnaut.







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