Thank You from Beoung Kak to the World

Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King

Acknowledgement letter

We are all Boeung Kak people, living in Boeung Kak Community, who are affected by Boeung Kak development project.

Would thank to Excellency, lady and gentlemen, NGOs, association, union, community, national media and international media as well as all friended-countries

We are the people living in Boeung Kak community would be very pleased over any intervention and any support on our activities of Excellency, lady and gentlemen so as to urge to free the 15th of Boeung Kak residents from an injustice imprisoning resulting of land disputed in Boeung Kak area. All the interventions and superior supports have been for sure helped all of us to meet up our families, grandchild, spouse, friends and relatives, which have been making us has freedom again. The above activities and supports are exposed a good solidarity to motivate a respect of human right, right of freedom in expression and absolute democracy for a whole social Cambodia.

Excellency, lady and gentlemen would please keep taking intervention for us in accounting of we do not get a completed solution. Anyway, we would like to ask your help for taking urgent measure over our case at the Supreme Court to resolve and cancel the injustice charge toward all of us.

Excellency, lady and gentlemen please sincerely perceive our respective of people living in Boeung Kak.

Please being healthy, and success in any works.

Phnom Penh, 10th July 2012

Boeung Kak community representatives


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