Korean Calls to Free the 15!

LOCOA, Leaders and Organizers of Community Organization in Asia, organised a Solidarity Action in support of the imprisoned Boeung Kak Lake leaders on Monday, 25 June close to the Cambodian embassy in Seoul, Korea. The protest was carried out by around 25 community organizers from Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma, representing the organisations LOCOA, LOCOA members CONET, FRSN, UPC, Task Force Anti-Eviction, as well as COVIL.

It was not legally possible for the group to hold the demonstration directly in front of the Cambodian embassy, so it was held at a street corner around 100 meters away from the embassy. However, the third secretary from the embassy nevertheless came out to receive the group’s petition demanding that the 15 be freed unconditionally, that the trial at the appeals level be fair, and that the violence must end. The third secretary promised that the petition would be forwarded to the Foreign Ministry in Phnom Penh, and that the group would be notified about the outcome.


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