Free the 15! Solidarity Action #3 in front of the MInistry of Justice

Some 250 Boeung Kak representatives, families, partners, and friends gathered in front of the Ministry of Justice this morning to call for the release of the 15. Moto dops and tuk tuks carried signs and banners, while children and adults alike carried lotus flowers, wore blue kramas and headbands, and sang songs about land rights and freedom. Around 9.15am, five Boeung Kak representatives were invited to submit petition to the Ministry and meet representatives who promised to “solve” their problems after feeling pity at hearing the children sing outside. Some 30 minutes later a Boeung Kak representative shaved her head and the group received a blessing from the Venerable Loun Sovath. The group then proceeded to walk to the Buddhist statue near the Royal Palace and ended the Solidarity Action around 10.40am.

More than 30 local undercover and military police, along with local officials and private guards monitored the event, as did media and human rights monitors.

Photos courtesy of Licadho.


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